Madin Blendicon – With touch screen control

Smart Acceleration Technology

5 automatic blending programs with smart acceleration technology and offer touch screen control. Smart acceleration tech will sense the ingredients which are in the process of blending.

Smoothie Special Jar

New design the triangle blender jar. The special angle of the jar and the blade can easily crush the ice cube. The unique shape of the jar is much easier to decant the drinks

Hexangular Lower and Upper Clutch

The shape of hexangular lower and upper clutch are madin’s identity. The design of hexangular shape makes the lifetime longer and more durable.

Safety System Protection

Blendicon’s Noise enclose has a sensor which can sense if the noise enclose is opened. The purpose is to prevent the blender jar from taken from its machine when the blender is still in the blending process.

  • Specification

    Power Consumption1800W
    CapacitySmoothie Special Jar 1.2L/Juice and hot drink special jar 2.0L
    Net weight7.9Kg
  • Manual

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