How to clean and maintenance the jar covers?

The jar cover could be wash with the sponge, to avoid food sticking for a long time and produce adhesion filth.
The condiment lid and the PC jar should only wash with the soft sponge, to avoid damage and cause the atomization.

How to clean and maintenance the inside of PC jars?

Could add warm water around 350c.c. then close the lid. Turn on the motor for 30 seconds and pour the water. Repeat this action for few times.
To remove the oil and sterilize, could soak some lemon with peel and water to eliminate the flavour.
To clean and remove the filth could add some soda water.
To avoid the musty, after washing the PC jars, jar covers and the condiment lid, water should be pour out then use the motor to idling for 15 seconds to keep the blade dry. Then airing all the components.
Before cleaning the main machine, remember to cut the power off and unplug the power cord. Could be wipe by the dry or wet textile. (Do not use gasoline or volatile solvents to clean it.)

What to do when the motor does not work?

  1. Check if the power cord link to the socket.
  2. Check if the master switch which is on the front left lower corner of motor is on. (Does the energy lamp display light in red.)
  3. Does the PC jar fix on the correct place?
  4. Check if the motor is overloaded or the over current load switch is shutdown. (Please unplug the power cord, then turn on the over current load switch at the back left lower corner.)

What to do when the machine suddenly stops or emits strange smell? What to do when the machine sounds different or louder than usual?

  1. It is normal if the machine emits some strange smell while begin to use a brand new machine.
  2. Check if the ingredient is too big, to hard or freezing things to be blend.
    Please cut the ingredient appropriately into 3-5cm to let all the stuff have enough space to be blend.
    Freezing ingredient which just left the refrigerator should be separated by hands, avoid use ingredients that is too big.
  3. Check the amount of ingredients and its concentration level and ratio. Make sure they are not exceed or could not be loaded by the motor.
    Please blend the ingredient separately.
    If the concentration and viscosity of the ingredient is too high, please add some liquid to help the machine spin.
  4. Does the machine been worked for a while and does not let the motor rest.
    Please shutdown the power and unplug the power cord. Let the motor rest for about 15 minutes then could be turn on and work again.
  5. Check if the machine blends the ingredient that is not food. (Ex: Spoon, Knife, Fork or Chopsticks)
    Please shutdown the power and unplug the power cord. Pour out everything in the PC jar then check if the blade is freely.
    If the blade is freely or damage, please contact to our service department as soon as possible.

Other special condition that happen accidentally:

Static electricity, dust, surge (momentary strong electric current) is likely to make a short microcomputer inside the motor been disturbed. Please shutdown the power and switch on again.

※ After self-checking and improve of all kinds of reasons, if problem have not been solved, and still need help from our service department, please contact us through the information show on the warranty card.



Pressure Cooker

What to do if the steam comes out from the red pressure indicator or the periphery of the lid?

  1. The rotary switch of the handle does not move to the correct place.
    Turn round the handle to the correct place.
  2. The gasket might be dirty or expired.
    Wash the gasket and the side of the pressure cooker or change the gasket.

What to do if the steam or food ingredients come out from the vent on the lid?

The heating power is too strong. The amount of the ingredients is exceeding the security level. Turn the fire smaller and cook for longer period.

What to do if the cooker does not generate pressure?

  1. The security gasket does not install.
    Please put the security gasket in the lid.
  2. The security exhaust valve has moved.
    Please change a new security exhaust valve.
  3. The rotary switch of the handle does not move to the place of “close”.
    Please turn the rotary switch of the handle in the correct place.
  4. The security gasket is broken.
    Please change a new security gasket.
  5. The pressure regulator does not in the working position.
    Check if the pressure regulator turns to the position of “1” or “2”.

What to do if the red pressure indicator does not drop and the lid cannot be open?

There is still pressure in the cooker that does not exhaust yet. Please turn the pressure regulator to the position of “exhaust”.

What to do if the lid cannot be lock tightly with the body of the cooker?

  1. The red pressure indicator is unusual or broken.
    Please change a new red pressure indicator.
  2. The lid had been fallen to the ground or was damaged.
    Please stop using and return to company to fix it.

What to do if the cooker cannot produce pressure when red pressure indicator has risen?

There is some filth on the red pressure indicator. Please wash the bolt of the red pressure indicator.